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You don't need a big time ad agency, but you do need someone who can deliver the job with a high degree of quality and professionalism. Access our network of top agencies and individuals to get your project started now.

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You're busy. You need work that's good, fast, and inexpensive,
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As marketing becomes a volume business, you need to work more nimbly, while maintaining quality marketing ideas and strategies. Or maybe you need to do a project outside of your AOR? The IdeaLists brings the best suited creative pros (individuals & agencies) right to you.


You are experienced and know your craft, cold. You want access to
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Design Website
for International Architect


Relaunch Large
Scale Community Website


Create Motion Graphics Experience
for Concert Tour


Produce Three Web Videos for Major Food Brand


Create Campaign for Global Champagne Brand


Recent work from our members

We've facilitated nearly $6 Million in projects for brands large and small!

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Companies, brands, agencies, start-ups and you!

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We’re an online marketplace bustling with brands, businesses and agencies that are looking to make their next creative project amazing.

Projects are listed and then pitched by our highly curated community of creative professionals based on schedule, budget and deliverable(s). The end result? More access to great work and less unnecessary layers that tend to drive up time and costs.

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Our community is invite‒only.

Membership is extended to communications professionals and companies that have proven portfolios of work at a national or international level.

As opportunities in our marketplace range in value from a few thousand dollars to a few million dollars, we are very much a one‒size‒fits‒all platform. Members range from freelancers all the way to global agencies. Clients range from small businesses to startups to big agencies and blue chip brands.


We simply facilitate connections between businesses that need great marketing work and the creative professionals best capable of delivering. We don't run contests and we don't promote work done on a speculative basis.

We do not spam or share any of your personal information.

We allow you to keep your project and company details confidential until you’re ready to share it with relevant, authorized people of your choosing. The website also provides records of correspondence as added protection.

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Yes, we can do the heavy lifting for you.

We offer one-on-one consultation to better define your project's needs plus identify the best creative solutions to ensure success. We also facilitate payment processing for select clients. Get in touch for more details.

Nope. The IdeaLists is free to use for both members and clients.

Should a job be awarded through our service, we charge members a one time finder’s fee of 10% of the project budget—just like traditional agents or staffing agencies. The fee is paid by the project recipient, with no cost incurred by the client. Should the client and member continue to work directly on future projects, no fee is incurred.

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Creative professionals should have proven portfolios of client work at a national or international level in order to join The IdeaLists. If you’re interested in joining the community, you can get started here.

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